Connecting with other students has never been easier


The easiest way to find projects and collaborate with other students!

Awesome UX

We made navigating through the app as user-friendly as possible, so you can achieve your goals in seconds!


Find the right team for your project, in seconds! No more wasting time with countless emails.

hot feature

Explore the things you never saw.

We all know that getting to know other students hasn't really been easy lately. But now it is again! Finding other students has never been more fun.

Made for projects

Find projects

Find awesome projects and just swipe them to become a part of it!

Create your own

You can create projects for other students to swipe and build and awesome team!

Take a closer look

As our app isn't quite ready yet,
we thought you still might want to have a look at the app before our release.
So we provided some impressions for you to look through